Craig & Tracy

are a couple that love to create and a couple of creatives!

We are passionate about creating brands that stand out in the sea of noise online, start a movement and create a culture!


We thrive on good Coffee, Brainstorming Sessions, and Great Design.

EasthouseCo started out in the bustling City of Johannesburg over 10 years ago. A few years ago we migrated to the small laid back seaside town of Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa, where the creativity cup overflows and the view’s pretty cool too!

Craig covers all aspects of Design and Web Development as well as Branding Ideation, and Tracy is your Social Media, Content, and Branding Strategist. Together we are a creative team that brings your branding ideas to life.

We like to look at ourselves as a Lighthouse for your Brand. A guiding light in the Sea of Noise. A light to focus on that helps guide your way, that clears a path for you. Showing you which way to go. 

We are passionate about what we do and we like to collaborate with creative entrepreneurs who have a vision for their business. 

We can also help you reignite the passion for your Business and Brand.

What do we


We believe that everyone has the ability to work for themselves if that’s what they desire. We believe that we all have creative talents (whether you’re an artist or an accountant).  

That your creativity can be found no matter what your field is - and that living a happy and fulfilled life comes from finding the passion and creativity in the work that you do. 

Once you have found that creative passion, it is your responsibility to share it with the world, to bring value to other people’s lives.

This is how we change the world!


What are our values?


Passion is what fuels us. If you’re not passionate about it, don’t do it.


Create or die. Champions for the creative souls.


Our work is our art. “Quality is not an act, it is a habit” - Aristotle


We want your soul to shine through in your brand. The only way you can be original is to be yourself.


We believe in living life against societal norms.  Living life freely doing what we love. Having a life that we love.


Reliable people are awesome and that’s what we strive to be!

What's the logo about?

Imagine being lost at Sea in a storm.  

Feeling disorientated, not knowing where you are and which way is up or down. You can’t see what direction you are going, your path is unclear and your situation becomes more and more overwhelming.

But, what if you suddenly had a sense of direction, a light to focus on that would help guide your way, that could clear a path for you.  

Suddenly the situation is not so overwhelming and you don’t feel so alone anymore.  

The lighthouse is there to help you see clearly where to go (and where NOT to go).  It’s light is always visible and guides you to where you need to be.


What do we do?

We help creative businesses masters of their craft, stand out in the sea of noise online, attract their dream clients/customers and make more sales through slick branding, websites and social media graphics.

We want to help passionate creatives, who have chosen to live a life of their own design, not of societal norms, to live a life of freedom by doing what they love by having an online presence that they are proud of and attracts their dream clients, their people, their fans!

Keen to work with us?

Great! - Fill out our application form here and if we look like a good fit we can set up a discovery call.