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Tired of blending in, of being just another face in the crowd?

Craving a brand that screams "I'm here, I'm unique, and I'm ready to change the damn game!"?

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You're lost in the sea of noise online.

Your brand is a whisper in a hurricane.


Your website's a dusty relic from the MySpace era.

Your content? Crickets...

You're frustrated, deflated, ready to throw in the branding towel.

We’ve seen it all – the boring, the bland, the soul-sucking sameness.

But we’re not here to play that game.


We’re more than just designers, we’re brand awakeners!

We’ll craft a brand that's an extension of your soul, a megaphone for your message and a magnet for your ideal clients.


We’re Craig & Tracy.

Your dynamic design Duo. We've been sailing the seas of design and online marketing for a whopping 12 years (and counting).

We're passionate about crafting brands that are nothing short of iconic.

Taking action? That's our jam. We're the 'make-it-happen' team you've been searching for!


No more playing it safe.

We’re all about edgy, disruptive brands that stand out like a middle finger to mediocrity.

We’ve got the tools, talent, and the audacity to make your brand legendary.


What We Do


Need your brand built in a day?


One-Day Brand Voyage- it's like design speed dating but with more commitment and less awkward silences.

Websites & Tech

Website gathering dust in the "to-do" dungeon?


We'll whip you up a 5-page masterpiece in a week.

Our 1-Week Website Voyagebecause ain't nobody got time for website woes

Social Media

Content feeling like a barren wasteland?

One-Day Content Sprints are for you – buckle up for a day of branding bliss and slick content generation.

We'll take your brand from a blurry Instagram filter to a high-definition masterpiece.

Oh, and did we mention we're ridiculously fast?

What our past clients have to say...

Charlemange Langoustine

"Craig and Tracy understood my personality and vision which helped get the design absolutely perfect. Working together and taking their advice in areas where I was stuck made it a comfortable, easy and successful process. You can feel secure in knowing that your brand will be handled with the utmost respect, care and professionalism. You will be listened to and understood and not bulldozed into someone else's ideas."

Carmen Simoes


"We had no idea how incredible our brand could be until we started the process with Tracy and Craig. We have had NUMEROUS comments about our brand, logo, social media, labels etc. The professionalism, the uniqueness. We truly felt that their hearts and souls went into it as much as ours did. Thank you for your patience and honesty."

Barry & Kelly Pretorius

Mountain Brewing Co

(Award-Winning Label Design)

"They helped build a brand that looked as though it was an established Brand that had been around for years already. It’s always a challenge to get the idea and vision you have in your mind and bring it to life but with Craig he seemed to just understand what I wanted. I appreciated not being forced into a direction but rather was given helpful guidelines on what would work and what wouldn’t display well on the Beer labels."

PG Groenewald